Did someone use Dave's HP-01 photo w/o permission?

This may be old news, but this photo certainly doesn't look like any HP-01 I've ever seen:




No - in this case it looks like auctioneer uploads pictures from his digital camera to his website without renaming them so new pictures overwrite old ones.


since I had never seen one with an alligator band before, I wasn't sure if it was a real HP-01 or not 8~). Seems this one is able to display text messages that can be superimposed onto graphic images. Those HP engineers were waaay ahead of the curve in 1977/78, weren't they? I've seen the gold and silver versions, but never a wood-grain version. This one even has backlighting and camouflaged keys!!

OK, I'll stop now :-)


I think I have your answer:


It appears that, as Dave suggested, this seller reuses file names.


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