Third party book(s) on 49G+ ?

I just bought a HP 49G+. I have owned a 35, 25C, 67, 11C, 12C, 28S, and 48SX. I would still be using the 48 if the display hadn't given up. The documentation for the 49G+ is absolutely terrible in comparison. Just spent a few minutes looking back over the documentation for the 48. It is great, two sprial bound manuals, plus a third progammer's reference. What I wouldn't give for a set of hard copy manuals for the 49g+ that were written as clearly and organized as well. When did HP give up on printed manuals, and good tech writers?

Are there any good third party books available on using the 49G+?


Here is one site that you can reference. Also the manuals from your 48SX are also applicable for your 49G+ as well when you use the 49G+ in RPL mode (and who wouldn't???). Nearly every feature and function has been included in the 49G+ (I can't think of any that aren't). Hp also included a more detailed manual on your CD that was included with your Hp49G+ as well (actually by the same author as above, I believe). Of course you will need additional information to make use of the CAS and extra functions that are now included as well. Out of the Box, the 49G series left out only the Eq Lib of the 48G series (which the Sx required a card to get). This is now a freebe that is available via download from (which you have probably used since you also had a 48SX).

As far as why Hp gave up on these manuals, $$$$ pure and simple. Hp marketing surveyed the graphics calculator base (95% Ti users) and determined that most manuals were not read or used (I suspect that this survey would have been totally different if Hp had surveyed their own customer base). But marketing is always looking at the big picture (sell to as many as possible, whether that is possible or practical).

Sorry all, I tend to rant when the NEW Hp is brought up.


Then go to the calculator page you're interested in and click on the audience you're a part of on the right side (students and educators, technical professionals, etc).

There are 55 learning modules free on HP's site for the HP49g+ covering a wide variety of problems.



Thanks for the reply, Ron. It is good news to learn that I can use my 48 manuals. I already copied the manual from the CD to my hard drive. That is the documentation I referred to as being not up to the standard of that from the 48. In particular it lacks a lot of the detail about the structure of the calculator, and clear explanations of some of the menus, and working with the directory tree, and I/O functions... things like that, as opposed to simply solving math problems. It is a real wonder that people who invest in a sophisticated calculator would not read the manual. How will they ever really learn how to use the advanced features? For one, I would gladly pay more for a good set of manuals. I know what you mean about the new HP. As a matter of fact I worked for them for a while, up on the hill, back in the golden days, when Bill and Dave themselves would get on the paging system and give us updates on the latest happenings. Ah well...


At least as far as UserRPL goes, except for I/O and the MMC / SD card, the 49g+ is very similar to the 49G.

Download the 49G Advanced User's Guide from

There's a lot of other information available at, and through

There's a very active newsgroup, comp.sys.hp48, which is really about RPL calculators in general, and mostly about the more recent models. You can search the newsgroup archive from If you can't subscribe through your own news client and server, then try

If you'll settle for third-party books about the 49G, see and search by author for Urroz.



Thanks to everyone who responded with all this helpful information. I still lament over the fact that the documentation that does exist isn't done as well as in the old days, but that is progress and economics for you.



I'd add to Gene's excelent suggestion the Great Unpuplished, but I tried to find them and it seems that they no longer exist, at least with this name. Actually, the above link falls into the last link (booksurge) mentioned by James M. Prangue in his post in this very thread. Have anyone any information about them, please, let me know.

Anyway, I bought three titles written by Gilberto Urroz printed by Great Unpublished that might also fit your needs: "Science and Engineering Mathematics with the HP49G+" (V.1 and V.2), "Applications of the HP g series calculators in Probability and Statistics" and "Analytical and Numerical Methods with the HP48 g/g+/gx", all of them dated Y2000. These are valuable books. I also have 'An HP48 Calculus Companion' (1994), by Jerold Matthews (Iowa State University) and Jack Eidswick (California State University - San Bernardino). This is a mid-level, high-school aid book that actually applies HP48G tools to solve math problems. I like reading it. Unfortunately I have not seen any of these titles available for download.

Hope you find something that fits your needs.


Luiz (Brazil)

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