71B and Emulators

To all the 71 friends.

I was sitting on my return flight from US to Europe yesterday and had watched all the movies I wanted and eaten all the snacks that I could without feeling too bad. And then I looked at my 71 (which I have in my bag most of the time) and thought 'I need to find the web site of this HrastProg person that has an emulator and get this on my hard drive so I can play 'whenever''.

How about a quick discussion-reminder on where to find the best EMU71B/.... how to load ROMS and emulate IL devices.



Emu71 by Jean-Francois Garnier: http://membres.lycos.fr/jeffcalc

HrastProg person: http://www.geocities.com/hrastprogrammer

Best regards :-)


Dear HrastProgrammer,
I wrote the Paname ROM codes and it is still copyright.
Are you selling a copy of it in your emulator :
Modules included in HP-41X ???

No, I don't ... I only sell the emulators.

As you can see, the PANAME ROM is mentioned under the section 'Other modules: (can be loaded individually)' so it is not included with HP-41X. This means that I can convert this module to the HP-41X format in case an owner of this module want to use it with HP-41X and asks me to do a conversion. I include only modules which can be freely downloaded from the Internet (either from "the other site which name cannot be mentioned here" or from some other sites) and only because they must be converted to the format recognizeable by HP-41X and many users weren't able to do this correctly in the past. For modules which aren't available in such way, I can provide appropriate conversion program so an user can convert a particular module and load it into HP-41X with LDRM.

I appologize if the reference to your module caused any problems to you. To avoid possible problems, I have removed a reference to PANAME from my page and I consider it as unsupported in HP-41X (this means it cannot be loaded into HP-41X and used in HP-41X). Furthermore, I changed the word 'included' to 'supported' which is much more appropriate.

If anyone else thinks that a reference to some other module must be removed then, please, notify me and I will gladly remove it.

I remember a problem with some Forth module few years ago. It was freely available for download from a french site and I asked a french owner of this site if I can include it with my freeware emulator HP-41E (because I thought it could be useful for some people) and I got a permission. Then some other french guy asked me if I have a permission. Because I didn't know whom else I must ask for a permision, it was much simpler to remove a module and support for it.

Best regards.

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