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Hello, I have some serious questions concerning the hp 48gx. Like I wanted to purchase a calculus and Physic card but I don't know if these cards are worth the money or time to get one! I have been told to purchase a 1mg RAM card and download free math software from free HP sites such as this one. I am running out of time and need to make an informed decission and can't seem to find any answers, if anyone out there has any helpfull advice that would be great.


How much does a 1mb RAM card cost?

If it's more then $135, then it would be cheaper to buy a HP49g+ with all this software built in (and much faster to boot).

Unless you are really attached to your HP49gx, this is probably the best option for a student.



Based on what I have already done (programming), I would like to know what do you intend using the 48GX for. I mean, what do you want it to hold in order to accomplish your needs.

Data stored in an RPL-based calculator (HP28C/S, HP48/49) may occupy significant amount of space if not well organized, but the existing 128KBytes allow you to make wonderfull things! Also, you can always connect it to your personal computer (maybe a palm?) and save spare data from time to time.

As you mentioned calculus and Physic, have you already tried the Equation Library and the extensive Unit Objects management? Well, I guess there's a lot of already existing tools that are not taking into account, sometimes. You can use them in programs or even directly, what eases the job.

About downloading exisitng software: I downloaded almost everything I saw that was interesting for me, and all of the unzipped data does not fill half of a standard 650MBytes CD.

I'm writing all of this words because most of the times we use such a small part of what HP calculators have that we even do not believe all of the rest that can be done. You'd gladly add a calculus and Physic card and you'd also have all of the rest available anytime you want.

You just need to find them out.


Luiz (Brazil)

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I have a 48GX w/ a 128k card running the following libraries available from hpcalc.org:

AllMem - memory browser

Java 3.6 - Stack replacement


Erable - absolute address version

Qpi - better version of built-in Q command

Miniwriter - text editor

Matrix 1.2 - matrix editor

SIunit - excellent unit conversions

All of these fit in memory leaving me ~20k free which is plenty for everything I've had to do so far. For symbolic math it is good to have both Alg48 and Erable because one will handle some types of expressions that the other won't and vice versa. Installing them both on a 48GX does provide most of the functionality of a 49 but they aren't as well integrated. I've had to write extensive custom menus and small programs to more easily utilize the power that is there. You also need to examine the documentation carefully to understand the capabilities and limitations of each library to determine the correct commands to use, since they won't be organized the same way they are on the 49. I've never used one of the specialized cards on the HP (mainly because I've never needed them). I do have the DaVinci EEPro software on my TI 89 (which used to be available from Sparcom as the EEPro pac for the 48) and while its a pretty neat toy for a few hours, I never use it for anything real. If you already have the 48GX then I would skip the calc pac and get Alg48 and Erable as they are free and extremely powerful. As far as physics, with a little effort you can program just about anything you will need yourself and then you have the added bonus of having it organized in a way that makes sense to you. This is the approach I've followed all the way through EE school and by now my 48 is pretty highly specialized and very adapted to the task (read very useful). Incidentally, I did try out a 49G for a little while and it was great for symbolic stuff but it seemed to lack the feel of a real calculator, more like a palmtop computer or something and I found it awkward for straightforward calculation. I sold it and returned to the trusty old 48GX. That's my $(ln(exp(2))*.01) worth.

V. Taylor



You can get cards from here:


I have three of them: a 2MB and (2) 128 kB.

Yes, it may cost more than a 49G+; however, the professional surveyor's who crave 48GX machines will keep the prices of those machines high, and so an "investment" in cards really should hold its value.


Hello everyone!

I am currently taking some finance courses part-time and I would really like to use my 48GX instead of my 19BII...just to be different :)

Is anyone aware of any shareware stuff I could download into my 48??? I know that there is a finance card, but it's hard to come by, and to be honest, this is just for fun, so I don't want to spend any money on it...

Thanks in advance!


Hi Scuba!


Not much there, but 2nd from bottom is a cash flow analysis



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