Nonpareil 0.32

I found and fixed a bug in the pointer increment/decrement instructions, and now the HP-32E and HP-37E seem to work correctly in my simulator. I've released Nonpareil 0.32 which now includes those models.


Yet another new release, 0.33. The display code has been completely reworked in preparation for merging in HP-41C and Voyager support. The comma (digit group separator) for Spice now works. (You can swap the period and comma in the KML file.)

Random observation: it's annoying that they did away with partial key sequence prompting in program mode in the Spice series. For instance, with the HP-25 if you press "f" in program mode, it displays "14" (the keycode of "f") on the right side of the display. Similarly for "g", RCL, STO, and GTO. But the HP-33C does not do this. Of course, they brought it back in even better form in the HP-41C.

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