OGS Drilpro Module


I just acquired an OGS Drilpro module for a HP-41,
manufactured by O'Brien-Goins-Simpson & Associates.
Copyright 1986. It didn't come with a manual.

Does anyone have information on this accessory?



Hi Graham,

I recognized the company name as it's not too far from where I used to work. I wish I could help you with info on the module but regretfully cannot. I can however provide you with the following:

15730 Park Row
Suite 500
Houston, TX 77084
Tel: 281-599-1300


Maybe someone at the company can provide the answers you are looking for... hopefully even a manual!! I hope this helps.


Hi Graham.

I don't recall this module, however I suspect it is a drilling engineering module built along the same lines as the Petroleum module - arguably designed for reservoir engineers. If it is to be used for drilling engineering (as the Drilpro software), then there would be programs for BHA, cost/ft, ROP, direction, and drilling mud hydraulics. If these twig or look similar, then if you email me a listing of the programs, I'll try to work through some of the stuff with you.

I will see if I can find a manual. Being in an oil patch area, I might be able to find one somewheres...



Hi Graham

I´m working on a update of Wilson´s and Diego´s module list for HP-41. Could you please give us the exact datas of this module:

Label on the top:
Label on the back:
Module size:
What says CAT2:

You would help all of us.



In addition to Matthias request, the size (4k, 8k, 12k, ??k) and the XROM number(s) would be helpful as well.

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