Any watch collectors here?

Below is an interesting replica of a 70 yrs old pilot watch:

Although I don't own this watch as we speak, I know the reputation of the firm and I have no doubts this is a quality instrument. It is less precise than a modern mass-produced watch, doesn't have a calendar, doesn't beep or play jingles. It's also kinda clunky and costs a bundle.

If I confessed that I have this thing on order (not that I do, of course), am I going to be dismissed as a senile old fool with more money than sense? More important: might there be a "point" here that escapes the dull bureaucrats at a certain calculator firm that shall remain unnamed?


For a lot less money try the Swiss Glycine "Airman Special" with a real 24 hour dial.



Hey, take care or you'll be caught by this fever too!!!
Watches are a passion, but more expensive than completing your HP41 system!!!
I have a dedicated site on watches (but in portuguese) - take a look: , buttom relojoaria (in portuguese = watchmaking)try the Artigos buttom! Let me know if you understood some thing and like it!
I have some few watches, as my pocket could effort, but great pieces!
I hope you satisfy your new taste for so beautifull machines!
Are you married? Take care about your wife - they never understand us ...
Another great link, in USA, !!!


I drool over nice watches too but my toy budget ends up at the gun shop...

I believe "Tutima" also makes a very similar-appearing watch. They are available and displayed at Jackson Square Jewels in Redwood City, CA (USA).

Bill Wiese

San Jose CA


This is a great watch!
Has a complete calendar, including phases of moon and you'll have to adjust it only once at 4 years! And is a chronograph too.
Great watch!!!
Good luck!

ebay: 4101106756 - Breitling 1461


For those of you interested in watches, especially mechanical ones, here's a forum on Russian watches. The Poljot watch factory in Moscow is still cranking out some impressive examples of mechanical watches, at prices we mortals can still afford.....

Poljot Forum

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