hp33s: hard-to-read decimal point?

I got my HP 33s this past Friday (20 Feb) from Walmart. I've been comparing it to the HP 20s that I have (I never was able to get the 32sii), and the decimal point and comma just doesn't seem to stand out well in the HP 33s compared to the 20s. In other words, the decimal point and the comma aren't prominently displayed and can easily be overlooked if you're not careful. It's like you need to bring along a magnifying glass to see the decimal point when using the calculator.

I can make do without the comma, but it's the decimal point that's critical to me, especially if I have to do a lot of number crunching with continuous variables.

Is this problem with the decimal point isolated to only my HP 33s? Do other people have the same problem with their 33s?


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So, I'm not the only one with the decimal point then?

That's good! Misery loves company. :-)


Ooops! that's decimal point problem.... :-)


As a partial compensation, I've switched to using the comma as the radix point. The comma shows an extra segment that makes it just a bit more visible, overall. Not a "cure", but a help.

In general, I think the digits are too narrow and squeezed together in the 33s display. I'd have been satisfied with fewer, more readable digits, and more space in between for a larger decimal point & commas. (That, or go ahead & sacrifice a digit position for the radix point, at least.)

But (alas!) they didn't ask me . . . All in all, it's a minor complaint, I'd say.

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