HP 33s, Is it Compatable with other HP Programs

My 33s arrived this past week from my WalMart.com. The calculator looks to be of quality,other than the normal posts concerning the busy key pad and R/S and Enter keys being switched.
I currently have a 42s that I've hand imputed Coordinate Geometry programs supplied by a company called D'zign. My question is will the 33s support these Cogo programs designed for the 42s? The 33s doesn't appear to have the same catalog, fcn library that the 42s has? Just wondering if some of you expert HP programers know how to get around this?
Any help would be appreciated.



the 33s looks to be identical in programming to the 32sii. There isn't a "function library." The 32sii has the same fundamental programming model as the 67--all functions are on keys, and have keycodes---except that the keycodes are hidden in the 32sii and you get to see the function name in the program listing.

So, if you send your program (42s) to me, I'll (and maybe others) will read it to see where there are / are not translation problems.




Bill, Thanks for the post, I will send copies of the program to you for evaulation, please email me with your address I can email or send them to you at.
Thanks Dave

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