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I too have been a little suprised at the prices HP stuff is bringing on eBay. For me it was a pleasant suprise. I had been using HP-41 and HP-71 calculators as programming and data gathering tools for a variety of microcontrollers and field instruments. I discovered several years ago I could get parts and accessories for these calculators on eBay that was difficult to locate anywhere else. I felt the prices were high, but not as high as doing without on some of my more critical applications.

I have migrated most of my applications over to newer microcontrollers (NetMedia's BasicX) and handhelds (HP 620LX and TI Avigo 10) so I sold much of my calculator collection on eBay over the last couple months (userid ak-fitz). Some of the sell prices that surprised me were an IR module bringing over $100, an IR printer (82240A) bringing nearly $100, an extended IO module bringing over $200, and books bringing $30 - $60 each. The calculators themselves brought what I've come to expect as typical prices, but the modules and accessories sold for much more than I was expecting. I've got to admit that although I was surprised to sell my IR module for as much as I did, I wouldn't have minded selling it for the $200+ this most recent one brought. I also got mine from Interfab a year or two ago.

So far my buyers have all seemed happy with what they have received. Many of the people who bought these items from me were from overseas. It sounds like it is more difficult to locate old HP calculator parts and accessories outside the US and difficult to find someone in the US who will ship internationally, which may account for some of the higher prices.

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