Aleph, what about your MetaKernel? (no text)


R Lion , eres español? As I see yes.
I just want to know which calc do you use more.


It works but Im not sure for how long. See what I said in the origional post. I think Im gonna sell my two 256k cards and get a 128k one. Then I wont have to worry about any of this. I posted on the classifieds to see if anyone wants to trade but no one is interested. I will put them in eBay soon and give you guys a link.


If you are going to buy, try Klotz cards: cheap and work great


spanish, yes... cántabro :-)
the calc I use everyday is a 48GX with 1280Kb
I use very frecuently a 15c too

Edited: 23 Jan 2004, 8:55 a.m.

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