1 Year ago I bought a Hepax ROMbox. Now Emmanuel sent me 2 EPROMs I tried to start with the box, but they do not work. I opened the box and took some pictures of it.
In the near past, someone of you bought another Hepax ROMbox. Who was it? I deleted the link to you.
Emmanuel and I would like to find out more about this ROMbox.


Hi Matthias,

you can find it in the Archive 13, Emmanuel himself posted the Ebay link which is still valid.

Buyer: texaspyro



But certainly you meant another buyer much longer time ago ...

Best wishes, also for Christmas ...



I'm too old now. I did not remember.
Thanks, Werner. You are my memory!
I send to Matthias two 27256s. They are not CMOS.
That should explain that they did not work.
I used SDS-II eprom.exe in order to create 2 files:
4K and 8K, Intel and Cmt.
The first configuration should have done a maximum of 32K (8x4K)
and the second one only 16K (4x4K).
Merry X-Mas too.

... interesting issue, hope it will work ...
(long live "VM Electronics" ... ;-) )

Edited: 21 Dec 2003, 8:47 p.m.

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