Buyer Beware At CalcPro

Ordered several books and a calculator case from CalcPro, After nine months, I've received one book. Every time I've called or emailed the owner/manager, Paul Nelson has one excuse or another as to why I haven't gotten them. Buyer beware!

J.C. Randerson


Hey thanks J.C. I was just about to buy a hardcase for my 42S.


I bought a case a few weeks ago from CalcPro. After not receiving it I called a week later and was told they were out of stock. He apologized because he didn't realize they were out of stock when I ordered but he was expecting a new shipment the following week. He sent it to me the following week and waved the shipping costs for his mistake. I thought he did the right thing and I will definitely buy from him again in the future.

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I have been buying from Paul Nelson (CalcPro) for several years and have never had a bit of trouble. Paul is occasionally somewhat disorganized, but he is honest. I bought the hard leather case from him for my 42S (which you sold to me) some time ago. It is beautiful.



Giving him the benefit of the doubt, that you're correct in the analysis that he is "disorganized" yet "honest", it's still a surefire way to ruin a business. I'm done with him.

J.C. Randerson


Hi John, Glad to hear from you. I'll drop Paul an email before I purchase. Thanks.


I have bought diferent items from Paul Nelson during the last year and i have allways received great service from him.



I also have been disappointed in the delay in getting books from Paul Nelson, about 6 to 7 month delay for 5 books.Because of the the delay he said he would wave the postage (I live in Australia), I thought that's pretty good and was happy until I received my mastercard statement and he had charged me full price. I rang him up and he said he would refund me the postage, a month went by so I emailed him a couple more times and still nothing and I received the books in March this year.

So I too say buyer BEWARE or very patient.



I have been buying from Paul Nelson (CalcPro) for several years and have never had a bit of trouble. Paul is occasionally somewhat disorganized, but he is honest.
Yes, that's been my experience too. Paul always (eventually) sent the items I ordered. If something is out of stock and hard to find he keeps looking for it until he finds it, even if it takes a long time. (On one occasion it took so long I forgot I had ordered anything! It was a nice surprise when it arrived. :-)

Thank you to those that responded to Mr. Randerson's note. Mr. Wayne Brown probably said it best, unfortunately, that I have had times of disorganization but I believe and hope that others have found that CalcPro is operated in an ethically and honest manner.

Quite frankly, I have responded to Mr. Randerson to resolve a problem with a shipment that never reached him. I offered, rightfully so, to send a second shipment for books now on back-order that I am waiting to receive myself. I guess he feels I have fed him a line since he has posted his problem to all. I look forward to finalizing this with him directly.

I felt this needed a response and I would love to elaborate further. I thank all of my customers and try to support the HP calculator business as much as possible. With some new developments, I am looking to 2004 as a positive year for HP calc's.

Best to you and happy holidays.
Paul Nelson

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