"Rookie" question

Is 82045A the correct thermal paper for the HP-97?

Also, does thermal paper degrade over the years in storage? I'd hate to buy some that I was only able to "look at", rather than use.

Thanks in advance,



I don't know the 82045A, I use black 81275A for the HP-IL printer. The printing on the 81275A box says it doesn't fit for the 97, but the characteristics should be the same as for the 82045A (even the format is identical).
If stored in a dry, cool and dark place it can last for years, before and after use.
But generally speaking, thermal printing paper is nice for quick & dirty protocol works, but never for long-time documentation purposes.
Back then when I heavily used the printer for ML printouts from the HP-41, I immediately put the stripes onto a sheet of paper, and xeroxed it onto normal copy paper. This way the printouts were easier to handle than the thin rolls, and the copies I kept are still in excellent condition after (more than) 20 years now.


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