Jornada X25 Linux prototype : has anyone seen on sale ?

I've searched both forum and classified ad section for the Jordana X25 prototype but I didn't find anything.

Has anyone ever seen those on sale on ebay or anywhere else ? Have some prototype units been distributed to testers like the xpander ? how many units were built ?

Thanks for any info on this subject.




There have been a few (3 or 4) X25 prototypes sold on Ebay over the last 12 months or so but they seem very rare. A few were sold at the HPCC meeting last year in the UK when a small number of units were available. I have one myself purchased at this meeting. there are more details at and you should find a lot more sites via Google


About 200 pilot production units were built of the Jornada X25. The X25's were handed out to ACO staff and contractors when we were closed.


Thanks for posting the link to Wong Yap Kong's X25 site - I think <g>. Looking at his pics, it's obvious that the product was very close to launch, with packaging, manuals, various accessories all ready to go. It's heartbreaking to see all that work wasted, and it would have been a neat product, too.


--- Les []


Thanks for the link, the pictures are excellent ! It sounds like it's going to be difficult to get a hand on the rare pieces that were produced ...

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