HP49G+ vs. HP49G, pausing

The HP49G had two annoying defaults (I returned it and keep using the HP48G): the keyboard was very hard and very often it stoped working for a few seconds.

The first problem seems somewhat solved. I would like to know if the HP49G+ does not stop any more.

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About the pausing = Garbage Collection:

"Jean-Yves Avenard" <me@privacy.net> wrote in message news:BB76747A.12B42%me@privacy.net...<VPN snipped>

*<< 1 500 FOR I I NEXT 500 ->LIST LIST-> MEM >>: 7.98s (HP49G: 45.81s) (This
test the GARBAGE collector and SysRPL kernel)


TO measure just the CG, I changed this to << MEM DROP # 0d # 999d FOR k k NEXT
and it takes only around 15% of the "old" time to do CG now.

"Jean-Yves Avenard" <me@privacy.net> wrote in message news:20030915085021446+1000@news.cis.dfn.de...<VPN snipped>

> Must be a fair bit of native code in there otherwise you wouldn't see
> such a speed gain.

The CG routine could be ARM native to gain ~ 6*speed increase or time decrease.

Just buy the HP 49G+ !!! - VPN


The pausing of the 49G was caused by its periodic "garbage collection." This problem was fixed in the 49G some time ago with one of the ROM upgrades. Since it was fixed in the 49G, I suspect it is not a problem in the 49G+.

I am at the HHC2003 this weekend and will get to see (I hope) a 49G+. If no one else answers your question more specifically, I'll get back to you.


Yes this appears to have been stopped. I just got my 49G+ and it's really a very nice calculator. Looks very 'rich' with it's colour and leather case. The only complaint so far is the fact that two buttons the Q and R needs to de depressed a little harder to register. I have seen this complaint before on other forums also. But I would really receooment buying the 49G+ because it is a trememdous improvement over the 49G.


Iqbal, may I ask what you paid for it? I preordered one (I am in the US) for about $160 USD before shipping.

So, your opinion has made me feel better about the expenditure!


I have loaded the ROM beta version 19.6 and it seems to have solved the garbage collector problem.

Regarding the J.Y. Avenard test, reported by Veli-Pekka Nousiainen:
"TO measure just the CG, I changed this to << MEM DROP # 0d # 999d FOR k k NEXT 1000 ->LIST LIST-> >> EVAL {MEM} HEAD TEVAL and it takes only around 15% of the "old" time to do CG now."

I would like to know how long does it take it in the HP49G+. In the updated HP49G it takes 0.44 s.

Unfortunately I did not make the test with the 18.1 version.

Edited: 29 Sept 2003, 3:19 p.m.


49G (1.19-6): 324.6 seconds

49G+ (1.22): 53.4 seconds

Note: I did not check the flag settings & only one run


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