HP49g ROM-version 1.17-A

Last night i upgraded my hp49 from rom - version 1.10 to 1.17-A that I had downloaded from www.hp.com/calculators/graphing/rom/ .

When 1.10 was installed on my calculator, I was used to draw plot’s by pressing [APPS]. A choose box appeared on the screen, I choose 1,for plot functions, and then a list of plot functions appear in the box.

These plot function’s are now available by pressing [left-shift] and then one of the functionkey’s,F1,F2,F3….etc. But what happened to several of the other applications under the [APPS] key ?

I know were to find “equation – and matrix writer”, so as “file manager” and “math menu” ,they can be found on the keyboard with [left/right-shift] [x] . But when I want to use “numeric solver“,[right-shift] [7], a warning box “Error: Undefined XLIB Name” appear on the screen. Same thing with “time/date”, [right-shift] [9]. And where are the “i/o functions” and the “constants library” ?

BTW: When I press [APPS], the same warning box appear on the screen as above.

Is there anyone who can tell me what is wrong? Is rom - version 1.17-A an unfinished version and should I install version 1.17-B, that can be found at hpcalc.org ?

Thank you


In my opinion,ROM update version 1.17-B is use to operate with emulator and that label tell UNSUPPORT BETA ROM,i think you must to download in version 1.16,yes,i've used it for long time and NO problem :)

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