a VHS movie -- Pirates of Silicon Valley

Hey folks, thanks a bunch for recommending 'Pirates of Silicon Valley'.

It passes the test of being good and interesting movie material (so many modern movies these days are as rotten as the modern HP calculators).

And there's even that little bit where Wozniak of Apple had been working at HP (with calculators) and had to cut loose of any development rights that HP had priority on.

Although Bill Gates is generally depicted as the great satan, doesn't that prize really go to Carly Fiorina? Or to all business people in general? U gotta love how they portray those jerks in dark suits..... in their big $10M boardroom, can't even understand something like a 'mouse' and haven't got a clue about anything, too dumb to change a lightbulb...... why in heck have they got all the money then?

beats me... but great movie. Looks like the real reason Apple didn't come out on top, was that Steve Jobs of apple was an adopted nut-case who never got to the long couch for a tuneup from a good shrink.

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