Does anybody want an HP-35 emulator for Palm?

I've ported Eric Smith's csim to PalmOS. I've got it emulating the HP-45 and HP-35 (using Peter Monta's extraction of the ROM). Unfortunately the hard disk of the computer i was developing it on died last week so the only version i have is the one on my Treo that emulates the HP-35 only. Does anyone want a copy? I do plan on rewriting it sometime, but i've got to buy a new hard disk and reinstall Linux, etc first.

It's a little slow, but useable. I ported it by simply writing the relevalent Unix calls, which may account for some of the slowness.


Will it include an X^Y key, and the bugs?


It's using the original ROM, so it has all the same keys and all the same bugs (hopefully no new ones).


A nice stack-based calculator program already exists for PalmOS PDAs: "RPN" by Russell Y. Webb (

It doesn't emulate HP models. However, being stack-based, it obviously operates in a similar manner. It is programmable, but its scripting language is quite a bit different than programming a real HP RPN or RPL model.


May I have it ? Source codes would be nice, if you donĀ“t mind.

r_toi at yahoo dot com




CSIM is provided under the GPL. If you don't distribute sources (for any reason, including a disk crash), you
can't distribute the object code either. Sorry.

But if you do write it again, we'll all look forward to
seeing it.

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