hp 82500b-a24-3421

Does anyone know what the item in the subject line is? It appears to plug into the hp 41c, but I have no other info. It is for sale on ebay but not for much longer.


It better be a control ROM module for the HP 3421A data acquisition unit. I bought it, but not absolutely sure of it's function. Like most of the items on ebay there are probably no doc's so as soon as I get it I will be off on another adventure trying to get info to use it.


There's a small documentation in the 3421's manual you will get soon. It doesn't much special, it's just a shell for the IL-commands you can send to the 3421A data acquisition/control unit.

BTW: There was a similar module for the HP-71B. I remember it was called "data acquisition/control ROM"

Does anybody own such a thing and would he want to part it?

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