Battery pack for HP29C?

Where can I obtain replacement battery packs for my 20-series (HP29C) and 30-series (HP34C) calculators?


If you have your old packs, they can be rebuilt with new cells at battery stores like Batteries Plus or Batteries, Etc. I rebuild all my packs with high capacity (1800maH) nickle metal hydride cells. They will run the machine for three times as long (if you charge them three times longer).

Otherwise you will need to try the classifieds here or find them on Ebay.

The 34C battery can be faked very easily. It is just two AA rechargeable cells side by side. Again, the battery store can whip you one out for cheap. To get really fancy you need to fill one side of the valley between the cells totally with epoxy. The other side has only the top half of the valley filled. This prevents you from being able to install the pack backwards.

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