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I found the HP-27S the best of all my (approx. 10) HP calculators over the last 25 years. Easy to use (and to remember how to use), excellent and simple solver, good statistical functions, excellent manual… Unfortunately my calculator was stolen. I have tried 38G, 49G, but they do not replace adequately. I contacted HP Sales without success. Does anybody know, where to get a 27S used or is there another comparable calculator available. Appreciate your hints!


It is a great pocket calc. Hp no longer makes this calc( a poor decision on their part). The closest comparable calc is an HP 19bII. It has everything the 27s has except binary, octal, hex conversions and Algerbriac precidence. Both of these features are a big drawback. It does have algerbraic/rpn selectable option and also a units conversion feature that the 27s lacks. If you do not need trig functions the HP17b is packaged exactly like a 27s and is probably more durable and cheaper than the hp19. All three had similiar HP solve and 7 K RAM, and the same statistics functions. Otherwise you will have to bid via ebay or ask via classified's.


Dear Ron: Thank you for your good advise. The 17 and 19 looks like calculators and not like a game boy (as my new 49 G does). A great idea to check on 19bII - however it seems not to have trigonometric functions neither, at least this is my impression from checking the HP Page.


Check again! The 19BII has trig functions and same solver as the 27S.


Well not quite the same solver. As stated earlier, neither the hp17 or hp19 have algerbraic precidence and this also affects their solvers. You have to use () otherwise the calculators perform operations from left to right as most business calcs do. The HP19 does have trig functions as well as other features. The menu system is awkward compared to the 27s. It is however the closest thing avaiable to the 27s currently on the market. good luck


Dear Ron: you are right. Today I bought 19IIb following your advise. I could start to using it quickly, without reading the manual first. It is very close to 27S indeed. The RPN is also a nice feature. Yes, it has trigonometry too. Interesting, that it is not mentioned in the product description on HP calculator page.

Thank you for your help.


Dear Jan,

Try to get a used HP27s on auction seller ebay (www.ebay.com). Look for hp calculators. I saw several auctions of it. At the moment one is selled for a rather high price, but sometimes a price beneath 100 US$ is possible. Succes with it.

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