hp test epuipment

some people here have talked about hp test equipment. i was at a junque store and saw some hp stuff last weekend and will be near it next sunday.

the bad news is that i don't know shit and can't test anything for you. if you want something i can get it for you and ship it OR if you have a local friend i can direct him toward the place. or a combination of both. they give a two week guarantee, but with shipping costs that is a moot point if you are the one who has to test them and you live far away.

this is the list of what they had and their prices:
tektronix 6068 $20//
j-omega co - dc voltmeter - i didn't write this price.//
hp 1600a logic state analizer $30//
hp 1714a oscilloscope $50//
hp 1207b o.s. $30//
hp 1340a x-y display $20//
hp 183a o.s. (one empty bay) $20//
hp 141a o.s. $30//
hp 181a o.s. $25//

I am not selling this stuff. if you are not local or know someone who is then i will just be the unpaid middleman if anyone wants something. so don't blame me if it is broken or missing something vital. as bones on the original star trek might have said: dammit jim. im a surveyor, not an electronic engineer!

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