how do i remove the 71b bezil?

i want to change out the outer screens. i have tried soaking a broken 71 in alcohol but it does not soften the glue. any ideas? thanks in advance.


Although I have not done this with a '71, it does work on the 11C, 15C, etc. Also , dont think that removing the bezel will let you easily remove the display window... it is bonded to the case, not the bezel.

First find a product called UnDu at your local hardware or office supply store. It is the solvent heptane and causes any adhesive to forget about sticking for a few seconds. Next soak a strong thread in it and place a couple drops of the solvent under the bezel. Use the thread like a cheese cutter to slice through the stickum. Keep it wet. Also try and keep the solvent off of the keyboard background as it may leave some watermarks behind.


thanks; i'll believe that it doesn't get me to the outer window so i won't bother. my screen is not so bad that i can't learn to live with it.

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