Plotter HP 7470A Option 003

You constantly find HP 7470A plotters with RS232 interface, and
occasionally also some with HP-IB interface, but the ones with
HP-IL (Option 003) interface seem to be very rare. Has anyone
an idea how/where to get one? Does someone have programs designed
for this plotter?

Thanks, Jürgen


Yes, I did one program once (I was lying down sick one week, so I had some time <G>). Using the Advantage Module I defined flat faced 3D-objects, rotated them and plottet the view. I did a "poor man hidden line removal" as only one side of the planes was visible. Lot of matrix stuff but great fun with the Advantage.



I use some program that transform my 41 programs into bar codes on a 7470A v.3.
I wrote some HPGL routines in order to handle it from HP-41/-71/75 calcs, from HP-48GX through RS232C/IL interface or from PC via HP82973A HP-IL/PC card.

Yes, I believe the 7470 Opt 003 is somewhat rare (and no, mine is not for sale!).
There was a plotter ROM for the HP41 (also somewhat hard to find) which contained m-code functions to send the appropriate HPGL commands to draw lines, etc, and a FOCAL program to plot a user-defined function (a bit like the PRPLOT program in the printer ROM). Oh, and othe stuff besides.
If you have this ROM, it will automatically find and use the HPIL plotter.. It will not work at all with the RS232 plotter (it asks the plotter for things like the plotting limits, and the RS232 version doesn't handle this correctly). However, if you have an HPIB plotter (not necessarily a 7470 -- I've uses a 7440 Colorpro) and a 82169 HPIL-HPIB translator, then
provided you use manual addressing and tell the HP41 where the plotter is (MANIO <HPIB address> SELECT , where <HPIB address> is a number giving the HPIB address of the plotter), then it all works perfectly. That's true plug-n-play :-)


I use the IL-Plotter for plotting frequency response data. The belonging HP41 software is described in the I/O-Board manual and the IL2000 manual(hardware interfacing and measurement applications). I use some subroutines of the HP41 Plotter Moduel.

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug


Tony, why do you insist in calling HP-41 user code
programs FOCAL code?
Do you want me to send you a FOCAL manual, so
that you can compare it to the HP-41 code and see that
it's not the same?
Might as well call it FORTH. :-)


FOCAL ("Forty-One CAlculator Language")is the "official" name of the the 41's keystroke programming language. I agree, it's confusing to choose the same name as another already-established and better-known language.


Hmmm. I must admit I have never heard that name for
the HP-41 language before.
As for how official it is, I'll reserve judgement until
someone can show me that HP used it. :-)

But it *is* confusing, since I'm somewhat familiar with
FOCAL (the programming language that is).


About FOCAL, something found in
'HP 41CV Emulator Application Card for the HP 48SX
HP82210A Owner's Manual', page 61:

Yours. Kind regards from France.

Thanks, Tony, for the valuable information about the interface options, and thank you all for telling me about your interesting plotter applications. Made my mouth water, and I have to dig up such a plotter ;-)



I know full well what the origial FOCAL is (DEC's FOrmula CALculator language). After all, there's a PDP8/e with PC04 paper tape, TU56 DECtape and RX01 floppies on my desk next to me (this is not a joke!).
However, at one point there was a discussion (in the PPC journal I suspect) as to what the HP41 language should be called. And the name FOCAL (Forty One CAlculaotr Language) 'won'. I don't like it either, but the name seems to have stuck.


I thought I would remember *that* FOCAL, since
I seem to remember exchanging mails with on pdp8
or pdp11 mailing lists. :-)

Well, it seems as if FOCAL do have two different
meanings. Oh well... :-/

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