HP 15c

I need someone to pontificate on the usefulness of the HP 15c. How might it compare to the 42s? Is the 10-series designed well (solidly)? Do they have equivilant features? I checked the museum records, but I wanted you folks' opinions as well. Thanks.



I've owned them both, although not for a (depressingly) long, long time. Voyager series calcs are "built like a brick", ruggedized indeed, no Pioneer can match that.

And the 15C also has 7-segment LCDs, yielding a better contrast than a dot-matrixed 42S.

But the 42S is *much* more powerful, so I'd go for the latter myself (all other things being equal), and protect it like fine china :).


Wouldn't the HP32SII be a good candidate as well? I have one of them and it has performed flawlessly.

I still own an HP-41C that I bought circa 1980. I like both it and the HP32SII. The only trouble with the 32 is there's no way to get information into the machine other than by keying it.

I've heard HP is going to release new RPN calculators "sometime this year". I sure hope they are of the traditional quality and not the quality of their newer offerings. Ich. Since I also own a Palm Tungsten|T I'm thinking it would be great if the calculator supported Bluetooth! Cables are so 20th Century, you know?

It would probably kill the batteries quickly, though.

In any event, Bluetooth, infrared, or cables, there ought to be a way to get info into the machine without using its keyboard. IMNSHO.


the 32sii is indeed a fine machine, but i would prefer the 15c. the integrated support for complex numbers and matrices is really something special.

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