Use 82240B as computer printer

I have a HP 82240B printer, which I had been planning to use with my now-dumped HP 49g+, but I now have no IR-equipped calc to use it with, and am wondering about using it as a general-purpose printer for my PCs (both running Debian GNU+Linux). I reckon what I would need would be a USB IR transmitter (I've seen,,, but maybe there is better), driver software such as "lirc", and to write some software to make it send the right codes to the printer (ignoring CUPS). I have the 82240B "technical interfacing guide".

So, does anybody here have experience of this sort of thing, and have any advice to offer?

Thanks a lot.

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I haven't tried driving an IR LED from a PC, but have programmed a microcontroller to drive the 82240A/B. The "technical interfacing guide" was excellent in providing all the details needed to do this. The timing is pretty critical but I found that the manual is quite conservative and that wider tolerances are actually used. In any case using a microcontroller to actually drive the IR LED is the way to go since they make it easy to get the timing just right.

I described this project in some detail near the bottom of this totally unrelated thread. Note that in this case I could have used an IR LED, but since I embedded this inside the printer I didn't have to.

It would be simple to modify this microcontroller to read serial data over a USB port and output it to an IR LED. However, it doesn't make use of the graphics ability of the printer so it would need some enhancement for that.


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OK, thanks a lot. I have no experience of microcontrollers, so I'll probably have to stick to off-the-shelf solutions. Might just go for whichever transmitter seems the best and see what I can do with it. :-)


May I suggestiv the WP 34S?

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