HP Prime suggestion to avoid Numeric/Symbolic confusion

I'm done ranting and ready to help :)

Let's use the great color screen to our ADVANTAGE:


Grant me a full upper/lower case alphabet for numeric variables... just color them BLACK.


Grant me a full upper/lower case alphabet for symbolic variables... just color them BLUE.

If a variable is UNDEFINED, make it ITALICIZED.
If a variable is DEFINED, make it BOLD.

If an input field accepts numeric values... frame in in BLACK.
... BLUE frame for symbolic...

Units in BROWN... so I can have m_m^2 if I so desire (variable "m" meters squared).

Reserved system variables in RED.

Just a suggestion.


Sounds good, except if one is colorblind . . .


Sounds good, except if one is colorblind . . .

Make the colors user-selectable (from more than a measly few -- theme color selection, I'm pointing at you).


There are colour blind friendly palettes, so the colour choices could be improved.

- Pauli


A very very excellent suggestion. I support that 100%.

But i have another radical suggestion: Scrap the Home-View! After working a few weeks i never used the numerical Home-View! If i need numeric results i press Shift-Enter. So the numerical view is included in the CAS.

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