Need some help with trading.


I have some HP calculators I'd like to trade with other stuff (or calculators, too). They are somewhat valuable items almost only for collectors, and I don't want money for them, only trading. I'd post an add at the Classified Adds, but I want any of the contributors to help me, so I'll have no problems like getting garbage for good stuff. As I always mention, I implicitly trust on all of you in here.

My calculators (three "collectible" items) are fine and original, except for the HP31E I'm figuring out a solution for its "not recharging batteries" (thanks, Katie).

I hope you forgive-me not posting it at the classified YET, because I'd like someone to help me, as I am a bit far from the "trading yard".

If there is someone interested on this subject, e-mail me. I'll list what I have and what I want, so I'll send my stuff and the "elected" one will do whatever he believes is needed, even get some fair profits, for trading the items. The details will be cleared by e-mail, as I believe this is not to be discussed in a wide basis.

Thank you very much.

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