HP67 Black Label on Back

Need to replace the black label of my US made HP67. Anybody has one? Pls let me know.


I fear your not going to get one unless you scan one and have it printed on a metal foil. The alternative would be to buy a defunct 67 and exchange the backs of the machines. If you do have a foil made up you will probably be able to recoup the cost of production by selling extra copies!


I had given some thought to this a while back, and came up with the following idea:

1) Buy a sheet of sticky back label paper from Avery. 2) Spray paint it with a good quality lacquer-based silver paint and let it dry thoroughly. 3) Laser print over top of that.

The only possible problem I see is if the printer melts the paint, but I don't think it would as long as the paint is a lacquer.

Use at your own risk


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