Becareful of seller

I post this because of the HP connection.

Be careful of this seller. He is trying to get people to buy his HP list of wholesale items. Probably a scam. He has over 10% negatives.


He is selling useless garbage in hopes of catching suckers. Read some of the feedback. Watch out!

If you are an eBayer, you might want to notify eBay. The more that complain, the quicker he will be put out of business.


I dont know who put this on here, but I am not happy. The information I put on there is good information. I have over 75 positive feedbacks and I have only been selling for just over a month. Some people might not like the information cause some people think that my computer wholesale list is for an actual computer for $5. Those are the people who give negative feedback to me cause they are too stupid to read the title.

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