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There was a recent post re a 41 emulator. I would like to know more about these. Do they work as well as a 41? I checked a web site where one is offered free. Why would they offer to give it to you? What's the catch? Does anyone have a particular recommendation for one? If they really work on a handheld, say, like an IPAQ, why wouldn't more HP calc users be using them? Thanks.


The HP-41 emulators are widely used. That's my experience. People, where I did not believe they are interested in this subject.

If you like DOS use JF Garnier's emu41. If you like Windows use V41 from W. Furlow. If you like PalmOS try to find the emulator from Bernd Abel. If you work on VM/ESA (IBM main frame) try to contact me ;-)



O - sorry! If you like HP-48 or -49 use the emulator from Hrast Programmer.


eV41 for the Pocket PC (I run it on my iPaq) is all you may want, and it's free.


Dear Jim,

may be you need real HP-IL features with your emulator. Than take the new EMU41 (full version)from Jean-Francois Garnier. This is the worlds first HP41 emulator solution which includes some virtual IL-Devices plus the feature to control real IL-Devices. Also data and program exchange to real HP41 handheld is very easy.

And the HP-IL/PC Interface Card is now availlable again.

For more details please refer to "HP41-PC Gateway & Emulator" at the HP-Museum forum which was annoucned end of December 2002...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug

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