HP Prime - User manual lack

Pages 347 - 421 describing the App menu. But where is the section for geometry app function?


You must have the May edition of the UG. It's on page 135 of the July edition.

HP Prime User Guide

Edited: 8 Nov 2013, 4:58 p.m.


And where is the explanation of the "slope" command in the "measure"-menu (resides in Toolbox-menu under App-Functions->Geometry)?


Select it and hit the Help key.


i select it, then i see "slope()" in the command line and then when i hit the help key the calculator shows an explanation of the HomeView "The base screen of the calculator ...". But nothing about the slope command.


That's because you are entering it rather than selecting it. Use the arrow keys to highlight it, but don't hit Enter. Hit Help immediately after selecting (highlighting) it.


ahh, now i get it! Great, thank you!

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