HP PRIME: Fixed 4 number format 0.001000

Hi Friends,

Change the Settings to FIXED 4 the number format,

0.001 [ENTER] => 0.001000 ??

I waited 0.0010 What do you think ?

Best regards!!



It is a bug

it is reported since a while

Hope a fast correction :)


Hi Patrice,

Thanks for the info,

Have a nice day.



No, it is not a bug. Rather, it is showing you 4 digits after the first part of your value <0. It is a behavior that was tried for a while on a few calculators but due to nobody seeming to like it we will be changing in the future back to the "old" FIX behavior.



Hi Tim,

Thanks for explaining the issue, old fix is prefered.

Best regards!!


Looks like I missed the information about this and got stuck to the traditional display (HP41)


I too missed the memo, and now all makes sense!



Time…why not both? I use FIXED most of the time on my HP-42S, etc, but I sometime wish for a quasi-SigFig display, which is what this apparently is. (I don't have a PRIME, so I can't be sure.)

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I would echo Fred's vote for keeping the "new" FIX number format in addition to the "old" FIX.

It is similar in function to WP-34s's number format ALL.

The "new" FIX acting as a poor-man's SigFig for decimal fractions is a welcome alternative that avoids scientific notation when it is not necessary.

Of course you will need to find a better name than "new" FIX for it.



How about being allowed to change the STD display format to specify a digits setting? STD 12 would be what it is now. STD 6 would only show 6 digits in a number but behave like the std does normally.



Yeah, I think that started with the 20b (which was even before my time starting at HP).



Yes, I like that idea, as long as I get fix control, I don't care where I find it, or what it is called.



That would work fine. I vote yes for STD number format with desired displayed digits designation.



I don't think I like re-purposing Standard for this mode. Standard shows all significant figures. This is more of a "Rounded" display mode that only shows n digits of precision regardless of the decimal point. Consider also what this mode would do to numbers greater than 1.

For n=4

Number Display
---------- ------------
123456. 123500.
12345.6 12350.
1234.56 1235.
123.456 123.5
12.3456 12.35
1.23456 1.235
.123456 0.1235
.0123456 0.01235
.00123456 0.001235
.000123456 0.0001235



I may be wrong. But I believe that Tim Wessman is suggesting to move the "new" FIX functionality to STD (with the addition of digit designation).

If you investigate the existing "new" FIX number format (as it is now) you will find that it does not affect the number of displayed digits to the left of the radix character. Try it on your calculator or emulator.

So your example table (altered to show how it would display using STD with n=4) would look like this:

For n=4

Number Display
---------- ------------
123456. 123456.0000
12345.6 12345.6000
1234.56 1235.5600
123.456 123.4560
12.3456 12.3456
1.23456 1.2346
.123456 0.1235
.0123456 0.01235
.00123456 0.001235
.000123456 0.0001235



STD 4 would do better to show 123456. as 1235oo. , using o instead of 0 to indicate that rounding occurred. (123500. being shown if the display shows a non-rounded value.)


Fix should definitely show a "fixed" number of decimal places. Otherwise, if you use Fix 2 for money, then 5 cents comes out as 0.050 .



STD 4 would do better to show 123456. as 1235oo. , using o instead of 0 to indicate that rounding occurred. (123500. being shown if the display shows a non-rounded value.)

It would be nice to have some sort of a Significant Digits mode, but I don't think it should be assigned to Standard. The word "Standard" does not describe what this feature would be doing.



Hi Friend,

With 4 decimal digits (std fix)
123456 I think will show => 123456.0000
0.123456 => 0.1235

Best regard


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