An easy course in using the HP16c-wanted-

Hi All, i am searching the Book "An easy course in using the hp-16c". On Amazon i found it..for 175 Euro :( perhaps someone having an other idea where i can find the Book or a Scan. Thanks Frank

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Your best bet would be to use the copy of Easy Course for the 11c and 15c along with the 16c manuals on this DVD set...


Why do you even need such a book? What's wrong with the manual?


Hi, there is nothing wrong with the owners manual, but i like the series " easy course" ( also for the other HP calculators ).


This manual is currently up for auction on ebay. Alas, the seller wants $24 to ship to Europe.

HP-16C Calculator Easy Course in Using Book Manual Edward Keefe Spiral 1987

I'm not affiliated with this listing and trade on ebay under User ID 'LED'.

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