HP Prime Tutorials

Having had the calc for nearly a week, I can do just about zero with it. Does anyone have pointers to useful tutorials and walkthroughs?

I looked at some youtube videos, grabbed some examples, but even simple things result in a syntax error when trying to plot. I am probably in the wrong mode, but I have yet to gain access to any of the power of this calc.

When I had the HP48, I had to walk through every example to get the gist of RPL, the various numeric functions etc, and my memory is very rusty, despite the examples (here in the forums and elsewhere) suggesting similar named functions.

I really wish the Help on the calc included some examples.


Did you download the HP Prime User Guide? Not sure why it's not on the CD.



If you installed the emulator, it is on your computer already as directed.

If/when a new emulator version comes out, it will also contain direct links for the user guide and datastreamer manuals directly in the help menu right next to the current QSG one. If/when the CD is rolled for shipping product, that will also contain a link for the user guide directly and the latest versions of everything.

There are examples of usage in the help for the majority of commands, however it assumes alegraic usage at the moment.


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but even simple things result in a syntax error when trying to plot.

Guessing you are running in RPN mode. The problem is that, just like on the 50g, it is expecting an algebraic object. Currently, it does not automatically insert ' ' into a clean command line in the symbolic screen. Apologies for the confusion there.

'X' 2 ^ 5 + ENTER will work, as will 'X^2+5' ENTER.


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I just checked the subdirectory of the emulator as installed from the CD. You are correct, the full user guide is there. However, the version is the May 2013, not the latest July 2013 I linked in this thread. Is there a difference between the May and July versions? Thanks!

It's about time HP broke new ground with a calculator... I've purchased every one since my original 28c in 1987 which was the only calculator at the time that performed linear algebra matrix operations with complex numbers and changed the game at Michigan Tech in the EE department. While most engineering universities were banning them, Michigan Tech embraced them by tripling EE exam content and more complex problems. I have already used the HP Prime checking my highschool sophomore son's AP Pre-calculus homework. I go bonkers trying to use my son's highschool mandated TI.


Great - thanks for the link and tip about the CDROM. I had extracted just the two EXE files (connectivity kit and emulator). I didnt check the PDF on the CDROM since the printed docs were so slim, I assumed it was just the same thing, and the same thing I had grabbed from the interweb.

Now I can do my homework.


There is actually quite a lot of improvement, corrections, and additional content. I think the PDF size went up by about 500kb, and that wasn't with just a higher res picture or something like that. :-)


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