HP 15C missing logo !

Hi everyone !

I have been looking a lot around the forums in the past few weeks and thought I'd jump into it to ask a few questions ! First of all let me introduce myself. I am currently an EE student and have been using a hp 35s in RPN since middle of college. Recently, while talking about calculators with my grand father, he introduces me to his Hp 67 with original hard case, manual, program cards, etc. (as if everything was perfectly new, he takes good care of its belongings). so I started looking on the internet for it.

I also recently bought a HP 15C (not LE) at a garage sale with manual and leather case. However, the HP 15C logo seems to be missing :( what a shame, do someone know where I could order one from ? or has any premade Cad/solidworks drawings of it so I could get a mechanical engineering friend to CNC one for me ?

I really enjoy reading this forum and I hope that someone can hlep me, I read on a older post that a few others had the some problems with voyager serie calculators.

thank you very much !



Dallas Osborne produced a few of them, cast in silver. Very nice product! I am not sure whether he still has them, though.




Thank you very much for your quich answer. However, I am unable to find a way to contact this member, is there a private message system ?

thank you very much


is there a private message system ?

That depends on the account setting. It appears he's changed his account options as clicking on his name doesn't open the private message window anymore. Let's hope Dallas reads this and chimes in. His logos occasionally showed up at eBay, but I can't find them right now.



Another option might be to watch sites like EBay for a cheap broken calc that still has the badge, which you can swap across.


I don't think I've ever seen a broken-for-parts vintage HP 15c for sale on eBay, nor one sell for less than $100 regardless of physical condition. When the new HP 15c LE was first launched, everyone predicted a drop in prices for the original 15c. But now that the 15c LE has proven to be much lower quality and flawed in so many ways, it's unlikely the prices for the original 15c will ever drop significantly.


My HP-15C LE is in daily use and has proved to be highly robust with a reliable keyboard. While it has the Pause bug and power management issue it is still a very fine machine to own. I have not had any issues with the latter since I used the proxy low power indicator I described in a recent posting.

It is a pity that HP could not sort out a revised firmware as the LE is so very useful as a pocket calculator.


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I had a quick look around for "Cheap" 15C and they seem to go for a minimum of 100$ ... What I think I will to is take my 12C, 3D scan the logo at my University, then I will find a picture of the 15C logo posted before on this forum and replace the "2" by a "5" trying to mimic the police. Hopefuly, my friend will CNC one out of Aluminium of inox or whatever grey metal we can lay our hands on.

if someone ever know any source to order them from, it would greatly help me in saving time :P


I just found someone willing to sell me one. He asked 30 for it but i think it is quite a lot. How much do you think one of these logo is worth ? I realize it depends a lot on the quality of the logo, etc.

Thank you


Offer him $20 and walk away if he doesn't want to play would be my advice


that's exactly what I asked him, saying I am a student on a tight budget ... I hope he will be kind enough and will accept this offer. I haven't seen the logos yet, maybe they horrible and I won't want it ...


Some weeks ago I bought a NOS emblem for a 11c. The seller in ebay was jones.sebago.lake. Very nice guy that offers many hp items. I remember he was offering emblems for the 11c, 12c and 10c...not sure if 15c; but you better ask him. Now he is not offering thiese emblems but I recommend you to contact him through another offered item in ebay and ask. It was not cheap: I paid 25 USD, but I believe it does worth because the calculator looks much better.
Good luck!


i have an 11C that is missing the emblem, but as it is a 'working' calculator would be happy with just something that is an approximation to fill the space. for example, a silkscreened onto aluminium plate that is cut to size would be just fine. or an etched piece of gold-plated PCB material that has had the non-metal areas dyed black.

does anyone make such a solution? do others consider this a good option that might suit them?

rob :-)


Somebody has 'broken' a 11 (or was it 12) calc down on ebay , the front (with badge) is on there. or it was 24 hours ago, you'll have to go and find it.


15C logo for sale on eBay 321221070932

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Yes that auction was set up for me by the guy I have been talking with but there seems to be a problem with it for now.


I'd be glad to send you a free HP12C logo if you want one.

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