[REQUEST] Your "Prime" Conference Questions

Since we will be discussing and talking about Prime (obviously) at the conference, feel free to post questions either in this thread or mail me directly if uncomfortable in doing so. I will try to hit as many of them as possible in the discussion.

Note this is directed not primarily to attendees but those that are *not* attending. I'd like to hit those question too so when the video from the conference comes out things will be answered.


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I have used HP calculators for a long time and I've used the HP48G in many classes. I bought the Prime with high hopes, but the RPN doesn't seem to have a SWAP key (most used function for me) why not? I can enter various bases in RPN but I can not figure out how to convert bases in RPN mode. I must jump to a different entry mode. Is there a way to do this? And the entry mode is cumbersome ... 110 binary must be entered "ALPHA # 011 APHA SHIFT B" ... on the HP48G, I set the base via the MTH menu button and then its "Green-Arrow # 110" and to switch bases its a simple HEX DEC or OCT button in the MTH BASE menu. Its very easy. The Prime makes me go into an "Edit Integer" mode in Textbook or Algebra entry mode (RPN mode doesn't work) so this whole thing is slow! What if I want to convert lists of binary numbers to decimal to check my math for a silly example?

I understand that for some apps, ect the calculator can't use RPN but I would like to have RPN as my primary entry on the stack. Base conversions is something I do a lot and would like to see that implemented.



I can use the change default base in the Home settings to do the base conversions in RPN mode ... this is very similar to the MTH BASE idea on the 48G. I would like it to be a menu button though. Anyway, maybe you can straighten me out on my method or ask the question at the conference and thanks!


SWAP is on the comma key. Looks at the symbol there to the right.


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Is there a one-key method to switch into and out of RPN model? I generally prefer to be in RPN mode, but many of the functions aren't usable in that mode. I have to switch to Textbook mode, which is 3-4 keystrokes. Any other options?



Please see here



Hi Tim,

I have a question that I would like to ask:

Beyond the BASIC-like programming language, will the HP Prime have any lower level programming environments? I noticed that many of the apps have what resembles the INFORM environment from the HP48/49/50 days, but nothing of that sort is available on the HP Prime. In other words, will there be anything like Debug4X (even if it's just a C/C++ IDE)?



It might be a tat undiplomatic, but - seeing that hardware design seems to be a major problem for rather small series: What, in your expert opinion, are the chances of using repurposed prime hardware for a WP-43S project? Might there be a way of flashing the machine without major surgery?

Thank you,



I'd like to know how to download programs to the calculator from Linux or Mac. I tried running the emulator under Wine in Linux but the Copy/Paste doesn't work. Just a CLI utility would be good.


Since the Prime represent a big change versus previous model(s), is there any transition help for the folks using the hp48-49-50?

I am referring for example to the hp41->hp48 transition book that hp made when the hp48 family was implemented or hp just rely on our experience to achieve this task? :+)

I am thinking for example to the directory architecture which is not available for the Prime.

Still waiting for my Prime to be delivered...



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