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Hello all.

In a recent post here, I seem to recall that RPN mode on the HP Prime is not ready for prime time (no pun intended) and is still a wee bit buggy.

Being that there are several people here who have placed orders for the Prime, is this an old status report or is the RPN mode on the Prime fully functional?


So far, RPN is only available in Home (numerical) mode. RPN entry operates like the HP 48 family, and works like it should.

Anyone tried it on the emulator?

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On the emulator, the Home screen works in RPN mode the way you expect it to. However, there are some (minor? your mileage may vary) issues when using Apps or CAS.


Hello, new to the forum. I just got my Prime and the RPN mode seems very limited. I can't find a Swap function <- my most used function and on every HP RPN calculator since the cosmos was created I think. One can use the arrows and do a Pick as the 48G arrows allow, but this takes time. RPN, to me, is a lot about efficiency and this RPN seems archaic so far. My smart phone has better RPN calculators in my opinion so far. In addition, I can not find a simple way to do base conversions. In the 48G its very easy to go form hex, binary, octal and dec ... but there only seems to be a way to enter a base in RPN mode by going #110b for example and one must go ALPHA 110 ALPHA SHIFT B to enter that binary number. One must shift to a different entry mode to do the base conversion. The HP48G is much nicer in this regard. Not very happy with that so far ... maybe someone knows a different way?

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I may be over reacting ... the default base can be set in the home settings in RPN mode to convert bases. Not as clean as the 48G in my opinion, but it does work. I still want a X<->Y SWAP function though.


There is a post here with an actual manual and that's very helpful. The "Eval" key will do a swap. The entry can not be active like most RPN calcs (you must enter the value and then press Eval thus the cost of a key stroke), but it works.


It behaves just like the 48 series in this regard. When an edit line is active swap does not work.



The integer stuff is actually improved in quite a few ways compared with the 48 series. Primarily, the integer can optionally have an assigned base, size, and signage.

Now what this means is that if you specify directly one of these optional values, that value will remain with the object. Changing the default base *will not* change the base setting for all hex objects.

If your home settings are in "binary" and you type #101, the calculator interprets what you typed as a binary value but does not lock it as "the user assigned this as a binary hex number". This is exactly like the 48. Typing #101b would flag "this is a binary number" and that one will then not change as your system setting changes.

Looking at your later posts, it seems you have seen this already. Provided you did not manually specify b o h or d on that hex number, whatever your default system setting is is how it will display. A list with { #10 #20 #30 } entered while in HEX mode will change its display as you change the home setting.

Carrying along information with each hex object has a lot of advantages, but does have the downside you've shown here of "well what if I just want everything to display in my current base". What would your recommended solution be given that it is important to keep the optional additional info for a hex object?



Thanks for the quick reply. The 48G does swap with a active input though. I just tested it. In the end it doesn't matter to me though as its the same amount of key strokes as the 48G. The 48G is "number->Purple Arrow -> SWAP" and the Prime is "number->Enter->Swap Arrow Key" both are two key strokes after the number. The same difference. That works for me! I'll get there, and the Prime is growing on me fast.


I do see the advantage of keeping the base tag and that's neat. I would like to be able to base convert in RPN mode. Is there a way to do that? Say I'm taking a test and I need to quickly determine the binary value of F2h, how is the best way to do it? The 48G is very quick and easy in this regard, but it does change the value of all the #numbers in the whole stack. Thanks for the help in advance!


In RPN mode, swap is done with the comma key near Enter


Can anyone please help with base conversions in RPN? Thanks.


The comma key acts as the swap function in RPN mode.


B - > R is the Base to Real conversion.

R - > B is the Real to Base conversion.

They are both found in the catalog or can be typed. The right arrow ( - > ) can be found by pressing Shift + 9, and selecting the arrow (first row, second column). This is similar to the base/real number conversions in the HP 48/49/50 family.

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What I had to get used to is to use the stack functions such as DUPN and DROPN, I have to select the level of stack I want to work with first, and then use the appropriate soft key.


The 48G does swap with a active input though.
The 48G is "number->Purple Arrow -> SWAP"

Somehow this feature has been lost in the HP-49G and later RPL models.

You can also touch the top entry in the stack and stack menu keys will show bottom of screen... Roll, etc.

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