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What calcualtor(s) are you currently using the most? What are your favorites?


Used most: HP-15C
Favourites: Too many!

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Still the 41CX. Although go41cx on my Nexus 7 is doing quite a lot of the work, these days.


--- Les



Quite embarassing ... the 35s that I've already planned to sell years ago. It's expendable and contains some programs to calculate the condition of air (Mollier h-x diagram). Much to my surprise, it appears not to miscalculate the given problems and is still alive.

At home, a 10BII+ will do, while my favourites are the 32SII and the 15C LE.


I'm a user, not a collector, and I get rid of any calculator that I don't plan on using regularly. Currently I have a HP 35s, and an old TI-68 as standby. The 35s gets slagged a lot here, unfairly I think, as it's a powerful and well-built machine without being over-the-top flashy. It does have certain flaws (for me it's hex calculations, which is why I keep the TI) but I can live with those. I think we're unlikely to see another traditional RPN calculator again, so let's appreciate what we have.

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My two favorites are the WP-34S, and the HP-15CLE. But I actually
use the emulators on my computer more than the real calculators.
For daily usage:

1st HP-15C (Simulator Torsten Manz) link

2nd WP-34S (Emulator QT version) link

3rd WP-34S (Real Calculaor)

4th HP-15CLE (Real Calculator)

The rest of my collection are just museum pieces that rarely get
dusted off and admired.

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*Currently* using the most:

WP-34s: Powerful, easy to use for an RPN fan, sufficient memory, new - so there is still a certain novelty factor.

Casio FX-9860GII: Use it a lot, primarily because of the back-light since I like to keep the room dimly lit when working on the computer. I also use the Hex mode on it a lot.




For a long time, the 32sii was my only HP calculator, but it died (as did 2 replacements that I got for it) and eventually I gave up and got a 33s. I must admit that at this point I think I like the 33s better than I did the original 32sii.


Interesting. I use the WP34s and the 15C (no LE) most as well.

I would use the 42s a lot more (in my opinion it is close to perfect, especially the way it handles complex numbers), but I only have one of them and I don't want to loose or break it.
I'm not a big emulator use, but the 42s emulator is the one I do use if I need to do complex calculations. The 15c and 34s are just not as easy to use in that respect. Having said that, I have warmed up to the 34s in that respect, as it has one advantage over the 42s: It is much easier to compose complex numbers or continue working with just the real or imaginary part.

When I was in school I used my 32SII a lot. It still is a very nice calculator if you don't need the complex numbers. Again I don't use it that much any more. It has some sentimental value and I wouldn't want to loose it.

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Most used is the 15CLE

Favorite is the 41CX - wish I had a CL


I use the following (almost) daily:

1st: HP-11C - as a true "pocket" calculator in my shirt pocket.

2nd: HP-32Sii - on my desktop.

3rd: HP-48SX / HP-50g - for the "advanced" problems.

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At the moment:

1. HP34C (just acquired one...)

2. HP15C (the original one)

3. HP35s

My other HPs are just backups (HP15C LE, HP49g+) ;-)

Edit: forgot mentioning the favourites...

Either HP15C or HP34C, both of them are great calculators. However, I'd love to have my HP67 back...

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When you have the best, you use the best.

Mark Hardman



Currently using most: An app called "Times Calc" on my iPad for doing time calculations when I fill out my logbooks and a Ti-85 (or 86? who knows the difference anyway, I paid only one Euro for it on eBay) that I programmed to do my refuelling unit-conversions and some atmospheric calculations.

Preferred: Hp-25, Ti-59 and a couple hundred others.



For work, the 12C Platinum because I can afford to lose it, the others (35S, 15C LE, 12C 30th, 50G, 32SII, 20S, 20B, 30B) depending on my admiration mood (at home). It surprises me that one year ago I was without any HP calculator since I was a student.

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41CL, of course.


1. HP Prime
2. HP 39gII


Since 1997...any of my HP-42S units and the wonderful Free42 on Android outshine all the others.


HP-15CLE (both real and iPhone app), and WP-34S.


At the moment HP34C - though I still have my HP33C which I think is the easiest to use, but it wasn't on top of the pile last week!


The HP 48GII: it is quick, graphical, has RPL for programming, deals with complex numbers, matrices, lists, has a solver, etc. It has a lot more than most of the other hp calcs and, yes, it is an RPN machine. Even the price is fair.

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Me 2.


WP-34S on iPhone

Nonpareil 15c in MacBook


First two used most as they're always with me. HP35S cheap enough to lose while on the go. Not being a techie I just seem to lack the need to actually use my small hoard of HPs old and new. Love the HP-41 keys and form factor but so far couldn't geht the hang of ALPHA based function entry rather than dedicated/shifted keys.


Yes, very fair. My 48GII is one of four in my rotation. I could not believe my luck when ebay 'recommended' this calculator to me, as it was not what I was looking for at the time. The calculator had a very low price of $15USD, and it is a rare (4) AAA battery model. Thus it has a high serial number and a great keyboard, like the 50G. Keyboard is important...

My rotation is 48SX, 48G, 50G and the 48GII. Missed keystrokes irritate me, so my 35S remains in the drawer.

WTB: HP 49g+, with > CNA6XXXXXXX, and that requires (4) AAAs. Purchase or will trade 50G or other(s).


At this moment:

1. WP-34S

2. Free42(on my smartphone and on my computer)

3. HP 15C LE

4. HP 48G

5. HP 11C

6. Casio fx-9860G Slim



At the moment:

- HP-34c (back to the classics for some gamma puzzles :));

- WP-34s (trying to understand how to create a matrix!);

- HP-29c (my first love, did anyone forget his/her first love?);

- HP-41CV (just for testing new batteries).

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Always at hand:

HP 15C LE (always wear shirt with pocket!), HP 50G

Occasionally use:

WP 34s

Place of honor:

My dad's mint HP-35,
K&E LOG LOG DUPLEX VECTOR Slide Rule No. 4083 (my dad's),
FABER-CASTELL MATHEMA 2/84 N (my college slide rule)


Favourites: any RPN (or RPL) HP

Used daily: Any RPN (or RPL) HP

Actually, I cannot narrow down to a single favourite because all of them have their own special features which add to their appeal.

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Most used: WP 34S (converted HP 20b).
Next most: WP 34S emulator on computer at work;
Free42 (Thomas Okken) on tiny HTC Aria Android phone.
At home: HP-50G (thank you, Joe!).
Deeply miss and hope they're in moving storage: HP-41C, HP-01.
Deeply miss, period: HP 42 (stolen at work), HP 25 (ACT died), HP 67 (first really-gotten-into one, caused many HP-65 Users Club articles).

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My HP-15C LE is in frequent use daily. When I want clearly named variables or additional facilities I use the HP-28S.

However, the latter calculator's display is becoming dimmer and and no amount of contrast adjustment makes it very clear to read (what a pity). For this reason I also tend to choose the 15C as I can easily read the display with or without glasses in any kind of light.


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32sii, my first choice and always handy.

12c (any version) I need this for work a lot.

Edited: 5 Sept 2013, 2:34 a.m.


:) Perfect choice!

HP12C always in my hands, 32SII for engineering problems.
But today I have CASIO day, so fx-50F today.



In order of frequency:

1. HP-48SX, emulated. I have the emulator (x48) installed at work and at home. A quick calculation is needed surprisingly often, and I'm never far from the computer at work. The home installation is there more for symmetry than anything else.

2. HP-35s, real. A perfectly capable machine for what it is.

3. HP-48SX, real. When (2) is not enough, like when I need better unit conversions, or more advanced statistics.

4. HP-35, real, last version. I power it up occasionally, just to marvel at a still-functional 38-year old machine.


In descending order: HP42S under Emu42, Nutem (my own virtual HP41 and virtual Voyagers written in FORTRAN running under VM/ESA), V41, this not-UPN and not-HP simulation close to the Aristo M27, and a real HP17bII+.

My favorites: the real HP17bII+ and my Nutem


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this not-UPN and not-HP simulation close to the Aristo M27
Very, very nice :-). Any chance to replace the display with a 7-segement one? *duck*

For quite a while now, these are the calculators I use in order of frequency:

1. HP50G
2. HP41CL
3. HP48GX
4. HP48SX




HP 17bII+ at home office and when I travel overseas. Size! HP35S on my desk at work office. HP50g when feeling like I want to drive a Rolls. WP34S for occasional fun. And the go-everywhere on my iPhone is the RLM 17BII+ app.


HP Prime for recreational bug hunting & brain stretching; HP 50g for teaching, recreational programming, and recreational math.



I use my Spice models (11c 12c's &15c) the most along with an assortment of Calculated Industries products. MY favorite is my venerable & fully functional HP-65!



1st: 32SII

2nd: 17BII


I use 15C's as my daily drivers (an LE in my bag or shirt pocket and an original from 1986 on my desk). Occasionally, a 48g for unit conversions or to work with a big stack. Very rarely a 42s or WP34s.

The 15C's are my favorites, which I attribute primarily to the familarity that comes from so many hours of use. They just feel right in my hand. I appreciate the speed that the LE brings to the party, have no problems with the keyboard or display, am not affected in real use by the PSE or other bugs. I am still on my first set of LE batteries (although I can't say I remember ever changing the batteries in the original). Safe to say that I don't do much heavy programming-- just keystroke savers for repetitive calculations.



The 15C's are my favorites, which I attribute primarily to the familarity that comes from so many hours of use.

Same here and also because all I need most is right on the keyboard. I have an LE and one of the last classic units made, but this ( bottom of the page) is the one I like better (because it was my first HP calculator -- bought brand-new in late '83).



I use my Spice models (11c 12c's &15c) the most

Er...those are Voyagers. I doubt many are frequently using any Spice model (like the HP-34C). They are rather flimsy mechanically, and are not up to 35 years (or even five years) of frequent use, even though they are from those mythological HP calculator good ol' days!



DOOH!! & thanks!



Later models with soldered components are much better that the earlier ones. I'm still using my HP34C/33C but my HP32C is now too unreliable (poor contacts) as it was an early one.

Mike T.


HP-42S -- This is my daily driver and all around favorite calculator. This calc gets used virtually every day at work, though not as intensively as in years past due to Excel and Mathcad. My HP-42S has my most used programs (mostly for civil engineering), all written by me. It goes back and forth with me every day between work and home. If this calc ever quits working, I will have to retire (in spite of the emulators on my iPhone, both home computers, and my work computer). :-)

HP-48G+ -- I use this calc maybe twice a week at work for tasks the HP-42S can't do and sometimes for tasks the HP-42S can do. About 80% of the programs I keep on this beast I downloaded from The remaining 20% I wrote myself, but I didn't have fun doing it. I'm just a lot better at keystroke RPN programming than I am at RPL. This calc stays at work. I also have and use emulators for this machine.

HP-41CX -- This was my go-to (pun intended) machine for about ten years back in the 1980s/1990s, but it was mostly superseded by the HP-42S. I don't use the physical machine much anymore, but I use emulators for specific tasks using the Surveying Pac, the Structural Analysis Pac, and the Advantage Pac. Even by today's standards, the HP-41CX is an outstanding calculator and centerpiece of an outstanding system.

HP-35S -- This is the calc I keep on my desk at home for basic number crunching. In spite of its limitations (like missed keystrokes and limited programming labels), it is well suited for this use. I wrote several simple programs for this machine, but I don't like the programming paradigm nearly as much as the HP-41CX/HP-42S.


I rotate my calculator rotation from time to time, but the two calcualtors I almost always have with me are my (blue) 50g and either the 32sii or 35s. I like the HP Prime emulator a lot and anticipate that the HP Prime will become part of my everyday calculators.

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HP-15C at home. Anywhere else Vicinno 15E and WP34S on the iphone. I also have M48+,I41CX+ and FREE42. I like to use all of them when i'm fabricating to keep track of dimensions on seperate calculators.


WP-34s (trying to understand how to create a matrix!)

Enter a descriptor such as 0.0303 and XEQ'MED'. It's in the standard library.

I'm amazed about the number of WP 34S users here. Many of them use a 15C LE as well. :-)


Used most: WP 34S, HP 41CX, plus a bunch of other HPs used from time to time.

Favorites: currently it's the ones I used the most ;-)


Currently I carry my WP-34s back and forth from work, but have to be careful because the keyboard on the host 30b is ... a bit unreliable.

At home, on the kitchen table next to my self-imposed math homework, is a 35s. I will probably swap this out for something else when I get to trig-heavy stuff ...

I recently received a 41CL and am very excited about it, but I'm almost afraid to touch it! I might set off some kind of time-travel mechanism or cold fusion functionality. ;^)





If you looked at the examples of completely wrong answers it produces for certain evaluations, you might think differently.

Also, the damn thing chews up batteries even when off. Total POS in my opinion.


Thank you, Marcus! (I meant, without any helpful user's manual ;)

Edited: 6 Sept 2013, 8:28 p.m.


This intrigues me, as I recently started another self-imposed home study (Calc I & II). I enjoy cracking a math textbook (PDF I downloaded) when I have time in order to keep the mental matter in shape and exercise the HP collection.

What are you studying? Are you using a textbook?

Best regards,


I believe I saw only 1 mention of the HP 11C, leaving me wondering why. I've had mine for 20+ years, and these days use it frequently for celestial navigation sight reduction, Law of Cosines calculations.

I just put a new set of batteries into mine, replacing the last set after about 3 years of fairly heavy use.


Used most: 41CLv3, 41CX+NoV64/ClonixD, i41CX+, 16C

Favourites: all HP calculators between 1972 and 1993


If I hadn't lost my 11c on a plane in 1995 I'm sure I would have still used it exclusively.


This intrigues me, as I recently started another self-imposed home study (Calc I & II). I enjoy cracking a math textbook (PDF I downloaded) when I have time in order to keep the mental matter in shape and exercise the HP collection.

What are you studying? Are you using a textbook?

Best regards,

I do this too.i have been going to university libraries and looking at textbooks, not only to exercise my math skills but also getting ideas for my blog.


I probably use my 11C the most. Like a Timex, it just keeps on ticking and ticking and ticking... all on the same old battery load.

Others I use regularly are (in descending order):


WP 34S -- built on a 30b (have 2 built on 20b that I think I can locate but they just aren't as nice)

17BII (I really do love this machine and use it more often that I realize. Originally bought a few as spare parts in case I stumbled across a 42S in need. That has not happened yet :-( )

17BII+ (probably don't stress the solver enough for it to matter -- lovely keyboard!! much better display than the Pioneer 17/27/42 series)

48SX/49G+/48G (whichever is to hand)

10BII+ (Oh! if it only had RPN!)

19BII (funny that some of the functions on the SUM menu are just not as well done as the 17B series)


10B (cheap but effective!! several in various drawers around the house)

I am rarely without one of my Swiss machines as well (I have the 2nd-gen set). Talk about pocketability! Keyboards leave something to be desired but if you need a quick calc, it always there.


As a ninth grade Algebra 1 teacher, I am using the TI-84 Plus SE mostly, but I always have my HP 50g with me.


17B11, 10B, in that order, but carry an Aurora FN1000 in shirt pocket every day, so it probably gets most use. Have carried it for over 6 years and dropped it dozens of times, many times clamshell cover pops off. It is a durable calculator and is proof to me that Chinese electronics can be outstanding.


I hope this won't go overlong. It's ... complicated.

As a teenager I was dead set on a career in science, most likely astronomy. However, I was seduced away by theatre and went on a long (all the way to a Ph.D.!) translunar injection into the arts.

Around the time I turned 40, and following a couple of marriages/divorces, that had ALL fizzled out, and I started turning back towards science.

I currently work in IT for a prestigious (as in, I can't believe they let me work here!) scientific institution. Since I can take courses and get reimbursed as long as they are germane to my work, I started taking math courses to bolster my scientific programming skills. It had been almost 30 years since my last math course, so it was a rocky road. I got up to multivariable calculus but that unraveled when my mother died. It was just too much.

Currently I have backtracked and am trying to shore up my algebra/trig skills (the shakiness of which had REALLY proved a stumbling block in calculus classes) so that I can attack calculus again and then, finally, move beyond. I'm working through a very good book called Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang. It's kind of like pre-calculus from a more advanced perspective.

I love doing this. Love, love, love it. And now I am taking astronomy courses online. Life is back to my pre-17-year-old trajectory!


Also, the damn thing chews up batteries even when off.

I've had mine about 2 years now, and I don't remember ever changing the batteries.

In order of use:



Nonpareil 15C



Droid48 (I bought go49g, I'm used to the way the 49/50 family works better than the 48, yet Droid48 simply works better in my opinion on my phone)


Not used at all: TI 83+

My favorites are the 41CX and the 50g, I think. Which makes me wonder why I don't use the 50g much. Maybe I should swap the DM-15CC out for the 50g or something.

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