TI-36X Final Answer

Hello all.

Thanks for your help on my previous inquiry with the Solve and Integrate functionality of the 36X.

Well, I feel it only fair to tell you after I brought the 36X Pro home, I decided to test it out on the trademark Mach Number equation. Much to my shock and complete disappointment, after at least five attenpts to input the equation in even the least amount of strokes, I got as far to start the .286 entry and the 36X wouldn't allow me to even add the exponentiation key. I'm not certain if it's a pending operation or parentheses level issue but, I don't think it's an expression length issue because, I can lengthen the equation but not enter either the superscript level or even the .286 value but, I can enter more info on the root level of the radicand.

So, it looks like TI falls short again.

Like I said, once again I thank you for your previous help with my previous questions.

Edited: 31 Aug 2013, 8:41 p.m.

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