Concern about Voyager keyboard test

Hello all

Sometimes, I will perform a keyboard test on my 11C or 15C and because of either my coordination, losing track of the sequence of keys or having not pressed a key firmly enough and then moving to the next key, I would receive an 'Error 9' message.

These are times when I wished HP would've designed a separate warning because a key was missed or out of sequence instead of the dreaded 'Error 9.!

How can I be certain that the error was due to a key being pressed out of sequence or missed and the error is not a warning about a calculator malfunction?



Hi, Matt! Here's how I see it. There is NO WAY that the machine can detect whether the error is due to a malfunction of the machine or the user, because it has no way to know if a key was pressed but didn't register. Therefore it's up to you: you must pay close attention to what happens as you press each individual key. If you press a key and NOTHING happens AT THAT MOMENT, then stop; it's a bad contact. Otherwise it's user error. This is how that test was used on the HP assembly lines: the display was "watched" as each key was robotically pressed, not only at the end of the test.


Thanks for the explanations and clarifications.

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