OT: Reversing Sinclair's amazing 1974 calculator hack - half the ROM of the HP-35



Amazing, fascinating, unbelievable and disturbing all in one product!


I'll second that vote! Although, I must say the math genius who devised his even more inventive algorithms is certainly a very amazing mathenatician!


I was hoping this would happen.

For those interested here's the Operating Instructions from Katie's manual collection for pre-LCD electronic calculators.

That's where you can also find the Assembly Instructions.

Kind regards


PS: I like Milo.


I vividly remember really wanting a Sinclair LED Black Watch when it first appeared around 1975. Given its high failure rate, I guess it is good I didn't get one. I did buy and build a Sinclair Wrist Calculator kit around 1977. It was hard to build but it did work, even if it had mechanical problems.


I also remember being intrigued (because of its low cost) by the Sinclair ZX80 computer when it came out but I already had a much more capable Ohio Scientific C1P by then. Memories....


If Milo was still around I'm sure he'd say something like, "Woof!" (which roughly translates into I like you too).


Inspired by the Sinclair Scientific I came up with this program for the WP-34s to calculate the logarithm:

x<> Y
LBL 00
SDR 002
GTO 00
SDL 002
RCL/ 00
You have to initialize the register 00:
STO 00
STO 00
Afterwards you can use it:

6.9897 -1

I'm amazed by the accuracy of the results.



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