HP-Prime CAS nice images



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I prefer the one on the right. :)


I prefer the left but unambiguously


De gustibus...


[Spn] sobre gustos no hay nada escrito


However the one of the left is very also addictive.

I like very much the keyboard (imo the best keybord since the HP48 (even if the feeling is different), the touch screen (sharp and precise), and globally the quality of the hardware. It certainly has room for improvement with the software, but it's already very good like that


I've shot those pictures when I had the chance to put my fingers on a pre-release version of the Prime. Glad to see you enjoy them. The HP-41 was my first HP calculator, and is still one of my favorites. However, the Prime is VERY addictive, too!


Words of wisdom!


There's no telling to taste...


Ambiguity is the soul of poetry

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