HP-97 Printer parts


Has anyone seen recently a source for replacing a broken gear of the printer?
Or someone supplying spare printers?


I emailed you contact info for am ebay seller that sold some in the past.


Excellent, thanks...and best of all, he has one gear spare :-)

Though I have two CNC milling machines and one lathe lying around next room ;-)


Though I have two CNC milling machines and one lathe lying around next room ;-)

In your house? (If so, I am JEALOUS!)

Or, at work?



I am onterested in that contact as well. I am missng the small transparent plastic part that sits in front of the paper in my HP-97.

Thank you



Yes :-) And my girlfriend loves them so much (o;

Just thinking if I have all the tools to built my own gear out of some spare aluminum...

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