New version of WP34s iOS emulator


A new version should appear on the AppStore today. Changes are:

- display can now use real fonts instead of bitmaps making it more readable
- catalogs can be displayed in menus for quick selection
- dragging the screen down will display the stack & registers

This should be the last version for a long time except for bug fixes maybe. I've started to work on an Android version but it will take some time.


Thanks for the update! Really like the new display and the screen dragging. :)


Thank you very much, Pascal, this App is just brilliant! This is by far the easiest way to get a WP-34S to carry around. With the fonts, the display is much easier to read than on the real calc, too. Love it!

Kind regards, Victor


Thanks Pascal,really looking forward to the Android version.
Regards John


Thanks! I downloaded my upgrade.

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