Our 11C Scientific Calculator Android app is on launch sale, 0.99$ only

Hi Guys,

Our 11C Scientific Calculator Android app is on launch sale, 0.99$ only for this weekend. Grab it before the sale ends Monday. Welcome any comments here or on google play. Hope you enjoy it and have a good weekend!

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John, an irresistible offer. :-)

I've a problem with functions requiring the hold down of a key such as f PREFIX to view the full mantissa or g MEM. Both only flash the intended display when I release the key. The should react when the key is pushed until it is released.

Hiding "Settings" behind the logo is not the best idea. I'd prefer the menu key on my Sony XPERIA U (Android 4.0 ICS), at least as an option.

Edited: 22 June 2013, 1:38 p.m.

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