New revision of the PowerCL & Manual

PowerCL Revision "4J" is released, and available at TOS and the 41CL website -

Adds a few more functions re. I/O Bus information and page details; plus two new function launchers, IOBUS and CHR$ - conveniently grouping a bunch of sub-functions from the auxiliary banks.

This will probably be the last one on the current "generation" of YFNS platform, make sure you get your own copy - the future is unwritten...



Wow!! You are using 'Personal Brain' - what a finding. Used to use it, but mind mapping on the HP200LX withMM/LX is sufficient for my needs.



Yes, it's got a very fancy GUI on a nice design that breaks the Windoze paradigm (I was an HP NewWave developer for a while and believe me I know what I'm talking about).

It's also very useful as anybody who has used mind mapping software knows; in this case I was able to locate a few issues on the PowerCL interface using its model on the Brain, and it's such a pleasure to see it in action.


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