HP prime: fractal software

I just found this website:


On the third message of the thread, there is a Mandelbrot program for the HP prime. Does this mean that there is an emulator available? Or is it just a listing to make us familiar with the language?

Also, a little bit unrelated, but in the interview here, it looks like there is an RPN app for the 39gII... Does anyone know more about this?




There is no RPN of any kind I have seen on the 39gII. I'm sure that was a mistake.

The datasheet (http://www.cemetech.net/projects/techreports/hpprime_datasheet.pdf) posted there among other places includes some official details.

Also, here is a picture of a fine looking gentleman. :-)


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Tim, thank you, but... I had no doubt that an emulator was existing. The keyword in my sentence above was: "available"! ;)


Yet another dead horse


Emulator is available to beta testers only until official release.

You have to be in Tim's short list to be a beta tester.


Fair enough. The public availability of that listing made me hope otherwise. Back to wait mode then! :)

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