Prime competition on the scene!?

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Nope. If you'd ever used a classpad of any variety, you'd know why. The things are about 4x worse to operate and use then an nspire in my rather biased opinion. And I never thought anything could be more cumbersome than one of those. :-)


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I don't know if I would say the Classpad is MORE cumbersome than an Nspire.  I think they are in a similar cumbersome league.  Neither of them is really meant to be used as a practical "working" calculator (not to mention the lack of RPN/RPL).  At least you can select and tap on an entry directly on the Classpad with the stylus instead of having to slowly move a cursor over to them as on the Nspire. My wife bought me a used Classpad 330 for my birthday (she knows me too well) and I'm having a lot of fun with it.  I mean the manual is almost 1000 pages long!  A calculator with that size manual can't be all bad :)  

At least I am hoping it will tide me over until the Prime is released.



Personally, I just find that while both are rather cumbersome, at least the nspire is *consistently* cumbersome in the same way. The classpad seems to be cumersome in very inconsistent ways that constantly left me guessing what to do next. That is why I ranked it like I did. :-)


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Consistently cumbersome describes the nspire perfectly.

The nspire is why I now own a 50g.

To be honest, TI stuff has been crap since they stopped selling the TI85.


The classpad seems to be cumbersome in very inconsistent ways that constantly left me guessing what to do next.

I assumed it was just me that found it confusing on how to carry out different operations :)

Consistently cumbersome vs inconsistently cumbersome. What a choice! There is a definite lesson in there somewhere.....

Personally, the TI-85 family (TI-85 and TI-86) and the TI-89 were well designed. As the the TI-85 family went out of production about 10 years ago, the HP-39gII can fill up the gap with a much faster speed. There are three generations of the TI-Nspire family but none of them are simple enough for practical use.

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